Ted & Carla Warnock

United Methodist Missionaries serving through the General Board of Global Ministries.


Our Mission

As we look to our future, we must make every effort to enable and empower people from every part of our world. To do so requires us to be ever mindful of the grace of God, our faith and the value we place on every human person. Each of us, in our own way, must strive to define what "being in mission" is all about.

Personal reflection on the question "what does being in mission" mean will provide each of us with a greater insight into why God has called us to serve. Consider what David Bosch has written in his book Transforming Missions. He writes: "Where people are experiencing and working for justice, freedom, community, reconstruction, unity, and truth in the spirit of love and selflessness, we may dare to see God at work." Given this quote, we might respond by suggesting that "we must hear the cries of the victims of the world as the voices of God daring us to respond to God's call in spite of our cultural, economic, social and denominational differences."