Ted & Carla Warnock

United Methodist Missionaries serving through the General Board of Global Ministries.



As a United Methodist Missionary, I embrace our call to serve.  The Global Ministries web site notes ...we (Missionaries) witness and serve in dramatically different locales and cultures and engage in a range of professions and activities.

From a personal perspective (from Ted) - having served in roles that have led me across Africa and the Caribbean, I remain convinced that we are about enabling and empowering, leading and supporting, and about building upon the challenges and successes of many who have led and served before us.

In any web-site, or location where we have an opportunity to place our thoughts and even a few newsletters, what begs to be told are the stories and love contained within the thousands of photographs taken and not contained here.  We see God at work and do our best to tell of the magnificence reflections of  service and the beauty of the places we encounter. This call to serve remains a drive - ever vigilant.  We must share and reflect upon our collective call to mission and service. 

The picture above is of a mother with her child suffering from Malaria laying in a bed in a United Methodist Clinic in a remote location in Kenya.  If one needed a call to serve, I believe being a small part of providing hope and comfort to even one mother and child should be enough.  However, it is not.  It is clearly abundant to us that we have within us the ability and and faith to act each and every day to do more.

We encourage you to look through the newsletters, the photos, and to contact us with any questions.