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mHealth Summit and Information

The following are Presentation Notes and documents used during the mHealth Summit (Mobile or Electronic) Health presented in Cape Town, South Africa from 28 May to 31 May 2012.

Focus of mHealth Agenda - By utilizing best practice in health education, distance learning and mobile technology we can develop solutions that allow for much faster training and on-going support of health workers in developing countries. By providing those solutions to NGOs, IGOs and Governments we can play a vital role in developing sustainable, locally-led and fully staffed public health systems. We can reduce child and maternal mortality by millions, and improve daily quality of life for tens of millions.

Selected Quotes:
A changing world: as mobile access begins to be the rule rather than the exception, the need for strong policies to avoid duplication of effort and interoperability is becoming ever more urgent. … Following the money: funding incentives- and disincentives - mHealth must be properly funded and incentivized. - Hhealth Summit Overview

The more a government or public health body knows about an evolving health situation, the better they will be able to track, manage and contain it. The challenge for the authorities in developing countries is that a disease outbreak occurring in a small, out-of-reach community with few means of communication can quickly escalate into a regional or even national epidemic if it isn’t identified early enough. - The ubiquity of mobile devices in developing countries is making it possible to deliver health information to millions of people who have previously had no regular access to any form of technology-enabled communication - A report produced by the United Nations Foundation and Vodafone Foundation

When it comes to treating serious diseases, getting drugs to afflicted patients quickly can be a matter of life and death. That is particularly true for conditions such as malaria which kills more than one million people a year – deaths that could be largely prevented with swift and consistent access to drugs. – Vodafone
Mobile Flexible Working solutions are transforming the patient experience. Healthcare practitioners can remotely access and upload data to in-hospital systems, including patient medical records, at the point of care, allowing practitioners to spend more time with patients, end customers and colleagues in a more informed way whilst spending less time on administrative tasks. - NHS Cumbria

Keynote # 1 mHealth - The future of Healthcare - Axel Nemetz (Vodafone)

Keynote # 2 Mobile Health: State of the Industry - Dr. Jane Chege (World Vision)

Keynote # 3 Advancing mHealth Through Collaboration - Thierry Zylberberg, (Orange Healthcare)

Socio-Economic Impacts of mHealth – Ola Jo Tandre

Using Mobile Phones to Improve FP/RH and HIV/AIDS Knowledge Sharing in Malawi – Piers J.W. Bocock

Providing Access to Information for Healthcare Professionals in South Africa - Berhane Gebru

RemindMi Process – Merrick Schaefer

Building Health Workforce Capacity: nurses and midwives Elizabeth “Betty T. Jordan, DNSc, RNC

Business and Funding Models for mHealth  Debra Sloane

Beyond Connectivity Irfan Goandal

Combining Mobile Health and Mobile Money Experience from Madagascar - Judy Gold

Financing Growth: Business & Funding Models for mHealth  Rajendra Pratap Gupta

Building Sustainable Scalable Business Together  George Held

Large-scale Mobile platforms to drive behavior change in Africa  Gustav Praekelt

The power of health in every mama’s hand  Kirsten Gagnaire

BBC Media Action: transforming lives through media  Sara Chamberlain

Beyond the Four Walls: Personal Connected Health – Chuck Parker

Critical Factors in the Success or Failure of SMS Technology for Tracking Stock – Jennifer Christian

Aligning eHealth Standards to Accelerate the Integration of Mobile Health Systems into Global Health Practice – Jonathan Payne

Putting the ‘m’ in mHealth  Manfred Kube

Big Data, Big Impact: New Possibilities for mHealth  Brooke Partridge

Protecting Citizen’s Rights While Strengthening Health Sector Accountability – Sean Blaschke

Policy and Personal Information  Dr. Esther Amma Arthur Ogara

Preventing & Managing Chronic Disease  Bas Hoefman

Ending the global health burden through new technology  Dr Vinayak Prasad

Integrating Healthcare: The Role and Value of Mobile Operators in eHealth – Kai-Lik Foh

Mainstreaming mHealth Shifting focus from the m to the Health – Alain Lbrique

mHealth and health systems strengthening How do we deliver on the potential? - Bob Fryatt

Feasibility of mHealth applications to improve maternal and newborn health in low-resource settings, Sierra Leone - Hermen Ormel

Encouraging adoption of mHealth solutions
by public health authorities - Dr Muna I Abdel Aziz,

Vodafone has produced strong reference materials in support of their efforts in mHealth. The following are documents used during the their presentations.

Nompilo Mobilising Community Care Workers

Modern approach to healthcare in three core areas, Condition Management, Hospital to Home, and Assisted Living.

SMS for Health Supply chain management and disease tracking

SMS for Life Managing the malaria medicine supply chain - Tanzania

Evaluating mHealth Adoption Barriers: Human Behavior

Evaluating mHealth Adoption Barriers: Politics and Economics